4 tips for a better Black Book Directory listing.

Feb 12, 2020 Article by: Black Book Directory

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Getting visibility on the internet is not easy these days, so with the Black Book Directory, we try our best to give our users the exposure they need in the Montreal Black Community.

Here is a list of 5 tips that make a great listing.

  1. Have a complete listing and be consistent

    The more information you can offer potential customers is great but it also good for search engines.

  2. Keep your description short but informative

  3. Use a high-quality picture.

    Too often we’ll use quick pictures we find in our phones to use for our businesses that are slightly blurry or don’t capture exactly what we want but when it comes to that new selfie we can spend an hour choosing the right 1.

    Be sure to put in that same effort in choosing photos for your business.

  4. Share your listing on your social media.

    This step may not seem like a listing tip but it’s key for a good listing. We often forget the power of our own networks. After all, what’s a listing if no one sees it?


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