About us

Welcome to the Black Book Directory.

The Black Book Directory is the ultimate online resource for black owned businesses in Montréal Canada and surrounding areas. We provide listings of businesses, professionals, and organizations dedicated to serving the black community.

The idea for this directory merely came about as a way to give back to the community in any way possible but also to create an online platform for Montreal’s Black Community.

After much thought into the initial goal of what we’d like to aspire with this platform, it only made sense to use it a tool to help build and strengthen Montreal’s black community through group economics.

At times, it may feel as if the community can be small and everyone is but just one connection away when in reality our community is quite vast and that connection is not always there. An unbelievable amount of men and women in the community of all ages are accomplishing amazing things in their respective fields of business but may not get the recognition or exposure to others in the community.

With the Black Book Directory, we’re looking to streamline that connection and get Business’s and business professionals the recognition and exposure they need within the Black Community. With this type of database and exposure, we hope to encourage group economics which will lead to a stronger community.