Supporting Black Businesses in Montreal – 5 Easy Steps!

Mar 05, 2023 Article by: Black Book Directory

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In the past few months, we’ve seen an incredible surge of people throwing their support behind Black-owned businesses in their communities. And while this is a great thing, it only really works if we are making a conscious effort to actually buy from these businesses. So here are five easy ways that you can start supporting black businesses right here in Montreal!

Shop Online

The beauty of the digital age is that so many entrepreneurs have created websites and online stores where they can show off their products and services. A simple search on Google or Instagram will yield a ton of results for local Black-owned businesses.

Attend Virtual Events

Networking events, workshops, classes—these are all activities that are usually hosted in person but have now been moved online due to the pandemic. It’s a great way to learn about different products and services offered by Black entrepreneurs in your area and also make connections with other people who share similar interests!

Spread the Word

If you know someone who just opened up a business or is offering something new, then spread the word! Social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram make it incredibly easy to get the word out there quickly and efficiently. All it takes is one post or tweet!

Leave Reviews

Many businesses rely heavily on reviews to build their reputation and attract more customers. So if you’ve had a positive experience with a business or service provided by a Black entrepreneur, don’t forget to leave them a review on Google or any other platform where customers can leave feedback!

Donate Funds

If you don’t have enough money to buy something from a business but still want to help out, then consider donating funds instead! There are lots of crowdfunding campaigns set up by Black entrepreneurs looking for donations so they can keep their business afloat during tough times like these – don’t forget about them too!


Supporting Black-owned businesses doesn’t have to be hard or expensive – it can be as simple as spreading the word about them on social media or donating some extra funds when possible. By taking part in these five easy steps, we can ensure that our local community continues to thrive and grow even during tough times! Let’s show our love and support for our fellow Montrealers – let’s show love for our black businesses today!


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